Wait ‘Til Next Year Is Now

With a couple of feet of snow on the ground and temperatures in the bucket, it still feels like spring as the Cub pitchers and catchers report to camp. As a long-suffering Cub fan spring always brings new hope and a sense of “maybe this will be the year”.

Reality may set in about the Fourth of July, but right now in February I can afford to be optimistic.

My blog this year will relate my observations regarding the Cubs and the National League. I know that some people don’t believe that a die-hard Cub fan can be rational, but I do disagree. I feel that win or lose I can report honestly and accurately. I will try to post here a couple times a week throughout the Spring and all during the season.

Feel free to agree or disagree as you will. Your comments are welcome as long as they remain somewhat civil.

Starting this week I will run down my thoughts on the Cubs roster and try to put the Cubs in perspective with the rest of the league.

So let’s shake off the Winter doldrums and prepare for baseball.

Some Highlights of the Hot Stove Season…..
Cubs Sign RHP Matt Garza
RHP Braden Looper signed to minor league deal and invited to camp
Utility IF Augie Ojeda signed to minor league deal and invited to camp
OF Reed Johnson signed to minor league deal and invited to camp.

In the near future we will discuss these moves as well as others and what they may mean for the Cubs this season.

Just for fun I will provide a Cub Trivia Question every week. See how well you know your Cubs.

Cub Trivia 2/2/11

On April 25th , 1969 Joe Niekro was traded to the expansion San Diego Padres for what player?

Just my two cents ….. see you next time


  1. raysrenegade

    You left a great off season move off your list that I think will be in your top moves come the end of the season.
    The signing of Carlos Pena.
    He is a great defensive first baseman who will save games with his glove. He will make Starlin Castro better, plus give you an offensive pop that is needed.
    Sure he strikes out a lot, but if you watch his swing, the uppercut sometimes is his hitting downfall.
    But when he connects, you know instantly the ball is gone…and that is the greatest sound in the World.

    Rays Renegade

  2. paddyc55

    Thanks for the welcome Ray. I completely intend to cover my thoughts on Carlos Pena in an upcoming post on the infield. Hope I can keep some interest going….Paddy C

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