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Starting Pitching – Keys For Success

To all Cub Lovers….Happy Valentines’

A brief re-cap of 2010

Cubs finished 2010 16 games back of
Cincinnati in the NL Central Division.

Cub Leaders

Batting Average: Starlon Castro

HR: A. Ramirez
RBI: A. Ramirez 83s
Runs: M. Byrd 84
OPS: A Soriano
ERA: R Dempster 3.85
Wins: R Dempster 15
SO: R Dempster
SV: C Marmol 38
WHIP: R Dempster 1.32

in NL

685 18
Average .257 16
Base Percentage .320 21
Percentage .401 17

Let’s Talk Baseball (2011)

prediction and opinion of Cubs Opening Day Starting Rotation

  1. Ryan Dempster RHP: Ryan has
    been the most consistent Cub starter over the past couple years with
    the departure of Ted Lily. Dempster posted a 15-12 record and a 3.85
    ERA last year for the sub-par Cubs. Barring injury he looks to be an
    above .500 pitcher in 2011. He is a hard worker and always shows up
    to camp in shape and ready to pitch. I believe 2011 will be another
    solid season for him. My prediction 18-9 with an ERA around 3.00. If
    he can put up those numbers, it should bode well for the Cubs.

  2. Matt Garza RHP: Newly
    acquired from the Rays, Matt posted a 15-10 record and 3.91 ERA in
    33 games. He had to pitch 14 starts against the top 10 offenses in
    baseball last year. His move out of the AL East into the National
    League should bolster his production in 2011. Matt may be a better
    bet in fantasy leagues but if he can at least match his production
    of the last three years with the Rays he should finish with a record
    close to 16-10 and an ERA in the mid 3’s. He will probably never be
    considered and ace, but he should put up valuable innings for Mike

  3. Carlos Zambrano RHP: Carlos
    seems to be a big question, in my opinion. With all the distractions
    surrounding Carlos the past few years, Cub fans are nervous with the
    start of 2011. Kevin Costner in Bull Durham may have described him
    best….”he has a million dollar arm and a ten cent head”. If,
    and that is a huge IF he can continue where he left off at the end
    of 2010 he could finally develop into the ace that the Cubs have
    always expected of him. With an 18.75 million price tag this year he
    has some ground to make up.

    Carlos finished last year with
    an 11-6 won/lost and an ERA of 3.33. He was 8-2 after his blowout
    and the All Star break. I will withhold my prediction for him until
    we see where that ten cent head is at. The Cubs need to get at least
    18-19 wins from Zambrano this season, anything less will be a
    disappointment to this observer.

  4. Carlos Silva RHP: Silva at
    31 and 12.75 million is a gamble. Although a huge surprise last year
    when he started his first 16 with a 9-2 record, he did finish the
    last two months of the season with nothing left in the tank. His
    season totals were 10-6 and a lackluster 4.22 ERA. He is going to
    have to get his act together and gut out a full season with decent
    numbers for the Cubs to have any chance of contending in 2011. The
    jury remains out that he can. My prediction for Silva 2011 14-9 and
    a 3.5 ERA. Hopefully his cardiac problems are behind him.

  5. Randy Wells : Randy is the
    type of pitcher that relies more on his fielders behind him than on
    an effective out pitch. Very credible rumors had him enjoying a bit
    too much of the Chicago nightlife last year, which in turn affected his
    concentration and ultimate output. That said, he finished last year
    an unacceptable 8-14 in 32 starts and a 4.26 ERA. If the Cubs don’t
    make a deal for a starter or one of the kids in camp doesn’t step
    up, the fifth spot in the rotation could be a huge deficit. This is
    where the Cub fan comes out and optimism takes over.

Cubs Trivia 2/14/11

In 1971 who was the first
NL player to appear in 1,000 consecutive games?

Answer to 2/12/11 Cub

On April 25th , 1969 Joe
Niekro was traded to the expansion San Diego Padres for what player?
Answer: Pitcher Dick Selma

Just my two
cents ….. see you next time

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